Cocktails by Hometender.
We want to make it easy for you to enjoy the perfectly mixed cocktail without having to bring your private bartender with you.
— Daniel Schürch and Alex Arnone
Cocktail Vieux Carré by Hometender.

For many years we have been working at the bar and serving our guests with cocktails. In recent years, we have noticed that people tend to order traditional, classic cocktails and have also a greater interest and knowledge of quality products, cocktails as well as methods of preparation. There is usually a lack of one or an other ingredient in the bar, we would like to offer you a pre-mixed cocktail, whether as a small tasting bottle or as an integral part of your home bar in the 7dl bottle. Our aim is to be able to spontaneously mix cocktails of the highest quality even during a cozy evening at home. Our cocktails are mostly based on the classic recipes, of course adapted to our own quality standards. All products are hand-processed, from production to labeling.



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